Armed Forces Support

G&R Recovery proudly supports all branches of our military. We would especially like to recognize and are very proud of one of our very own recovery agents EM2 Petty Officer 2nd Class Kyle Charpie, my nephew. Kyle worked with us until he left to serve our country with the United States Navy in August 2009. After graduation from Great Lakes Naval Recruit Training Command in Chicago he reported to the Navy Nuclear Power Training Command in Charleston SC. He trained in SC at Goose Creek for 18 months, completing “A” School, Nuclear Power School and Prototype Training, where he graduated in May 2011. He was asked to go through the interview process and then handpicked to serve aboard the USS Jimmy Carter - SSN23 out of the Bangor Trident Submarine Base, Seattle WA.

He reported there May 2011 and this is where he is currently serving. Since he reported to Bangor he has earned his Petty Officer 2ndClass grade and has earned the coveted “Dolphins” that all submariners strive to be awarded. The pining of the dolphins is one of the greatest accomplishments a submariner can achieve! “Job Well Done”!

Kyle was a great asset to our recovery operation and we miss his sense of humor, his special working style that he had, his “Hey, how’s it going?” and we are looking forward to when we can see him again.

May he always have “Fair Winds and Following Seas”!

The United States Navy - A Global Force for Good!